Mariah Carey kicks off her 'Elusive struggle' tour and the struggle is very much real

Mariah Carey - The elusive struggle | Random J Pop

When Mariah announced she was going to embark on a tour, I asked Jesus why. Because if there is one thing Mariah has shown us over the past few years, it is that she does not know how to put on a show. Mariah hasn't put on a good show since she melted down on TRL.

Her split from Nick Cannon probably forced her into this tour, something she probably thought would be a good idea as a form of distraction to save herself pottering around her Penthouse with dem babies, and constantly being reminded of her failed marriage. I admire her for throwing herself into career, but Miming Mimi made the wrong call. All she had to do was shoot a fly video for "You don't know what to do" and then throw shade and have people talking by officially releasing "Faded". But Miss Struggle chose to tour, so...whatever.

Mariah's tour has kicked off in Japan and concert attendees have dragged Mariah from Narita airport to the Yokohama arena over how bad she sounded.

Mariah's live vocal game has been a mess for a while now. She fails to make it through a song without complete reliance on her backing tracks and in most cases has just mimed her way unconvincingly through songs. I guess Mariah wanted to prove on this tour that she still had it, but all she did was seppuku herself live on stage.

The Mariah Carey tribute act also known as Arianna Grande needs to watch these videos and learn two things from this mess:
  1. How to remain relevant enough to be able to even hold a tour in 20 years time
  2. How to look after her voice so she doesn't end up sounding like this
Mariah best not even bother adding a European leg to her Elusive struggle tour, because no venue is selling out over this woman. I'd rather sit through Glitter 3D than be subjected to watching her walk up and down a stage and butcher songs that I loved. I use past tense, because there is no way I could love any of these songs after hearing Mariah stab them to death with her vocals.


  1. That was painful! That was literally the most painful thing I've ever had to experience…

  2. O.O.................................................................................................

    I feel secondhand embarrassment after watching that.

    At first I thought, "maybe everyone was just over exaggerating how bad she sounds" but Good Lord Almighty, she sounds awful. What happened to her voice?

  3. Okay these videos were really bad, but watching other videos I think this was just a rough start for the tour. I saw some instagram vids where she doesn't sound nearly as bad:

    The Struggle is still real, but not as bad. She def did not hit those whistle notes with ease and her voice was cracking a bit on those belts.

  4. I had no idea!


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