Justin Timberlake's crusty "Supplies"

Justin Timberlake - Supplies | Random J Pop

I'm not a huge fan of "Filthy". But I was never expecting to be. Ya see. My thing with Justin Timberlake's singles always goes as follows. I dislike the lead singles from his albums initially. But always end up liking the follow up. When his album eventually drops, I then end up re-discovering the lead single and grow to like it. So I went into Justin's follow-up to "Filthy" expecting to like it.

My Gawd.

This might be one of Justin Timberlake's worst singles ever.

"Supplies" is a mess. The country style flow over a trap beat just does not work. I'm surprised as hell that The Neptunes produced this, because it doesn't sound like a Neptunes production at all. I cannot believe the same guys who gave Justin Timberlake "Lets take a ride", one of his best songs (you can fight me on that), gave him this rubbish.

There my usually pessimistic-turned-optimistic ass was getting excited that The Neptunes were back together and that Chad Hugo would bring that je ne sais quoi back into Pharrell's sound, just for them to deliver this mess.

"Supplies" is one of Justin Timberlake's most visually appealing videos. But there is a disconnect between what you hear and what you see. Justin is giving us female empowerment visuals to a song about how good his dick game is. The faux wokeness, pro woman angle feels opportunistic as opposed to genuine. And his past actions are contradictory. He threw Britney under a bus and put all her business on blast following their breakup, all-the-while she respected the privacy of their relationship and didn't say a thing. Then he left Janet Jackson and her right titty out to dry following their Super Bowl stunt.

Justin Timberlake is lucky that his legacy of delivering good albums is so strong. Because that's what will have me check out Man of the woods come February 2nd. Not these weak, directionless singles.