Music video: Kumi Koda looks and sounds a ratchet mess in "Hush"

Kumi Koda - Hush | Random J Pop

Whenever I think of Kumi Koda and Ayumi Hamasaki these days, I think of that comic strip / meme of the dog sitting in his apartment on fire saying 'This is fine'. I know that we (okay, mostly I) always go on about Ayu's fall-off, but Kumi's is just as bad. Just because a bitch still has hearing in both ears, isn't two times divorced and lives in a house full of dogs, doesn't make her career situation any better.

Her early 2017 double disc album W face was an atrocity. But she won't let it go and she won't let us forget it, because since its release we've had 2 singles which sound like songs lifted from it. First "Lit", which couldn't even generate enough energy to keep a microwave oven bulb lit and now "Hush" which is sound advice of what Kumi Koda needs to do. Hush. Take a seat for a minute. Because nothing she's done over the past 3 years has been of high quality. I could stretch the date back further, but I won't. Because whilst Kumi Koda's discography has always been as patchy as Naomi Campbell's edges, I can at least name songs prior to 2014 which were legitimately good.

Kumi is still living in 2004 with this mess.

Watching this video was difficult because Kumi's hood attempts were so cringe-worthy to watch and the song is plain fucking awful. She can't rap. She's wailing instead of singing. And the music sounds like a stock Garageband 2 hip-hop beat.

The music video felt like a rip-off of Bruno Mars' "That's what I like", but I liked it. It was colourful and Kumi had great energy. But the 1996 Aaliyah-wannabe look and the dustbin fire of a song was too much of a mess for me.

Kumi Koda always seems so hellbent on trying to emulate other artists and pander to trend which is 2 years out of date that she loses herself. I don't know what in the G-Dragon and CL ass hell she was thinking with this.

I need Kumi to retire this hood shit. It does nothing for her and it doesn't even suit her. It comes off as so disingenuous and parody-like that it's difficult to take seriously. I could roll with it to an extent if the music at the very least was good. But my arsehole could fart out better beats than what Kumi gets given for these types of songs, and if I work some stomach control it could probably hit better vocals than she does too.