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Namie Amuro - Finally | Random J Pop

You may have thought that Namie Amuro announcing her retirement was enough to show how done she is. But her final album is the true showcase of just how done she really is. Like, she's out ya'll. She is completely out of fucks to give anybody.

Namie's final album, a combination of singles spanning her 25 year career and new recordings is called Finally. Not Final fiction. Not Goodbye: All the best. Not Supreme style best. Not Love, Namie. Finally. And check out the album covers.

Namie Amuro - Finally [CD + DVD] | Random J Pop Namie Amuro - Finally [CD] | Random J Pop

A bitch didn't even shoot a cover for this shit. But it gets worse. Check the track list for this 3 CD farewell.

Disc 1
  1. Mister U.S.A.
  2. Aishite muscat
  3. Paradise train
  4. Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~
  5. Taiyou no season
  6. Body feels exit
  7. Chase the chance
  8. Don't wanna cry
  9. You're my sunshine
  10. Sweet 19 blues
  11. A walk in the park
  12. Can you celebrate?
  13. How to be a girl
  14. I have never seen
  15. Respect the power of love
  16. Never end

Disc 2
  1. Say the word
  2. I will
  3. So crazy
  4. Girl talk
  5. Want me, want me
  6. Can't sleep, can't eat, I'm sick
  7. Baby don't cry
  8. Funky town
  9. New look
  10. Rock steady
  11. What a feeling
  12. Dr.
  13. Break it
  14. Get myself back
  15. Fight together
  16. Tempest
  17. Sit! Stay! Wait! Down!
  18. Love story

Disc 3
  1. Arigatou
  2. Damage
  3. Big boys cry
  4. Contrail
  5. Tsuki
  6. Red carpet
  7. Mint
  8. Hero
  9. Dear diary
  10. Fighter
  11. Christmas wish
  12. Just you and I
  13. Showtime
  14. Hope
  15. Do it for love
  16. Finally
  17. Track TBC
  18. Track TBC

Where "Put 'em up" be at? Where is "The speed star"? Can somebody pass me the "Violet sauce"? Where is "WoWa"? Where "Wild" tho'? What about "The meaning of us"? So, we just gon' act like Feel and _genic don't exist?

She. Is. Done. 

Namie is over this music career shit and not giving a fuck. The only thing I will give this track list is that it features the Super monkey bops "Try me ~Watashi wo shinjite~" and "Taiyou no season" which are the eternal jams.

Finally is not a heartfelt goodbye to her fans. It's a fulfilment of her recording contract with Avex to deliver one last album and not a damn thing more. Namie probably said she'd have nothing to do with it, as the last album she's contractually obligated to release is a compilation album and they can do that shit without her. Those 7 'new songs' are probably B-sides and _genic leftovers. Yes, even "Finally". Trust that Namie recorded that shit years ago when she originally planned to retire. (Low key wished that the song was a cover of the CeCe Peniston classic).

We've seen how Namie rolls when she cares about compilation albums. Namie did THE MOST for Best fiction. She put in work for Checkmate!. Namie re-recorded some of her older songs for Ballada. This album right here has pretty much NO cover, a tracklist which isn't the best reflection of her 25 year career and is named after how she feels about retiring. I'm surprised she didn't call the album Glad, So done, Over this shit or Peace out.

Namie is straight trolling Avex with this release and I love it.

Fans can cop this mess on November 8.

Updated: October 2017
Finally will have actual covers featuring shots from her TV commercials. The dead ass white covers are merely slip covers. Praise Jesus.

đź—¨ Real talk. What would you ideal track lists for Disc 2 and 3 be?