Perfume set to release their 20th single "Cling cling". "Hold your hand" officially swept under a rug and tossed out with the burnables.

Perfume set to drop their 20th single "Cling cling" | Random J Pop

Perfume have enclosed us in a sphere of disappointment lately. An end of year single which was a bit pedestrian, a tour with a weak setlist, wearing numerous horrendous dresses in public, one too many performances of "Chocolate disco" and "Hold your hand" being an utter piece of shit. I think team Perfume have realized that they've done fans a disservice over the past 6 months, which is why "Hold your hand" was thrown to digital download services on a days notice like an mp3 ringtone and their 20th single "Cling cling" was announced whilst the Perfume records intern was still uploading the file to the iTunes FTP server.

"Cling cling" is Perfume's first single of 2014 and there is a fair amount of pressure on these girls and Nakata to make like UPS and deliver. Perfume's new single features a total of 4 new songs including the extended mix of "Sweet refrain" (aka "Hold your hand"). "Cling cling" will get itself a full music video. Not some lyric video shit made from PTA photos from Instagram like "Hold your hand". Fellow new song "Display" will also feature a music video, although only the short version will feature on the limited edition release of the single. Third song "Ijiwaru na hello" is looking like the B-side.

  1. Cling cling
  2. Hold your hand
  3. Display
  4. Ijiwaru na hello
  5. Cling cling (Original instrumental)
  6. Hold your hand (Original instrumental)
  7. Display (Original instrumental)
  8. Ijiwaru na hello (Original instrumental)

"Cling cling" needs to be a banger and Perfume need to dance in this video like their feet are being shot at with a 9mm revolver. The Ming Spinning bird dynasty tassel realness with the outfits already get my vote. Whilst I'm amped that perfume are giving us all of this for their new single, the real prize here is Kashiyuchrist's face in this new promo shot.

Kashiyuchrist. Giving life | Random J Pop

So much life she giveth unto thee with her bitchassedness look.

As with "Sweet refrain" Nocchi is bucking the status quo again. Back in November Nocchi was parading around in a music video and on stage in trousers and now she's sporting longer hair than usual. If Nakata starts giving Nocchi more than 2 lines of a verse in songs, she would have finally come full circle and Godzilla will rise from the waters of Odaiba.

"Cling cling" releases on July 16. The song itself is set to feature in a Chocola BB (a skin supplement range) commercial, so expect this to surface real soon and turn the #Prfm fandom into a state of utter frenzy. Lord help us all if Perfume dance a single step in the commercial. Lord help us all.


  1. Nice review on these otherwise completely pointless and tuneless J-pop template bearers but when are you going to shade Ayu's two new supremely thirsty and dated digital singles "Pray" & "Hello New Me" for that still untitled and gauranteed flop 14th studio LP coming in July? Or Koda Kumi's dismal "Bon Voyage"?

  2. And PRETTY please positively, thoroughly review Beyonce's self-titled and superb digital surprise from last December SOON! I'm still stanning o er that album more than the day I downloaded it!!....

  3. Lordt have mercy... I see Ayu hasn't learned her lesson with how she got her behind whooped on the charts by an EXILE Performance Group. Homegirl needs to go the Utada route and disappear from music for a good three years >_>

  4. Three new tracks, huh? Perfume is coming for our weave pieces, y'all...

  5. They totally hoodwinked us by releasing hold your hand and it's dodgy lyric video. No one was expecting a new single. NO ONE

  6. Ayu ain't NEVER gonna stop wearing and tearing every hair piece under the sun until she falls 6 feet under or no more than a dozen of her dwindling stan base bothers shelling out their hard earned yen on the recorded crud she calls 'music' nowadays. If going deaf in 1 year, one divorce, one failed engagement, and album/single sales diving lower than whale dung for the last 6+ years couldn't do it I don't know what in God's name would! She just milking whatever relvance she has left while she still can move 'cuz she could take a 10 year hiatus from the industry and not dent anything Utada Hikaru has made a legacy on: vocally, lyrically or musically Ayu can't possibly thirst hard enough to compare. Hell, the lone Utada track "Sakura Nagashi" we've gotten in the 4 years hiatus is a better ballad or song overall than Ayu's had since 'Voyage' ; even when Ayu was selling and sounding fantastic up until the "My Story" era she was in potty training complacency compared to HikkI's independent wig snatching supremacy. None of our other faves could EVER compare...

  7. I was. There was no way "Hold Your Hand" was going to be the "official" single. Nakata is smart enough to not release two "Sweet Refrains" as the A-sides. I wouldn't be surprised if "Hold Your Hand" or "Sweet Refrain" is kicked to the curb entirely. Most likely the former since it didn't get top billing.

  8. 1mm was their latest good song and that is just tragic :(

  9. Random J pls put that namie photo back in your header.. It was iconic! I like kyary but that photo looks awkward there..

  10. You went in. And you didn't lie even ONCE.

  11. In the words of the "father," the "son" and the holy spirit: Yas Betch!

  12. Chris Redfield23 May 2014 at 12:16

    i actually thought they were going on a break or smth! i mean they released that lyric video as a mini goodbye for now but BANG a new single after they announced a your and jsut finished their previous one!

  13. Yass to Those soul calibur Xianghua outfits. Kashiyuka looks like she's about to come for your favs wig with her Jian, and slice it clean off their head.

  14. So... Utada got hitched.

    She can start making music now.

  15. Have you heard NOW & 4EVA and Lelio by Ayu? These two tracks are amazing imo. Something decent from her in years. I'm finally obsessed again with something that she's released.

  16. Callie Jocelyne2 June 2014 at 10:02

    A~chan think she slick tryna to Nee-step her ass all over Kashi's hair style. Been coming for her since Fushizen Na Girl like no one was gonna notice. I see you A~chan. I see you putting in the clips, sweeping your hair to the side, filling your lil fringe and trying to work the sex appeal. Got Nocchi getting buck too, acting all out of place and adding a few more inches to her weave piece.

    Kashiyuka need to check A~chan and snatch the extra 4 inches off her wig before I can co-sign on anymore Robo-hoe material. Not a fan of long hair A~chan....long hair Nocchi can stay...Just stay humble.

  17. I don't think her hair is that much longer... It just doesn't curl up at the tips like it usually does, it goes straight down, making it look longer.


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