Hear a snippet of Crystal Kay's new song "Rule your world"

Crystal Kay first international single "Busy doing nothing" was busy doing nothing on every single chart in existence, but that's not stopping her from releasing a follow up. Thankfully Crystal is not releasing that horrid "Dum ditty dumb", but is instead releasing a brand new song "Rule your world". You can hear clip of it in the video below, which features behind the scenes video footage of video director Marc Baptiste getting turnt up to all new levels. Watch him start gettin' it at 0:44.

Crystal's first international single "Busy doing nothing" split Crystal's fanbase like a 10 slice domino's pizza and the response was overwhelmingly lukewarm at best. So it will be interesting to see how the fanbase feels about "Rule your world" once it drops. I liked "Busy doing nothing", but it was too safe, not-lead-single-in-a-new-territory material and Crystal would have released something much bigger and harder had it been a Japanese release, which is what baffled many. "Rule your world" on the other hand sounds as though it has more of what "Busy doing nothing" lacked and has more going for it for clubs and radio to pick this up. The B-section where the finger snaps stop had me turn off the lights and slow grind in a corner. CK needs to throw some of her Japanese kick-starter money at Rocky A$AP or Nicki Minaj for a remix verse.

I am really looking forward to hearing "Rule your world" and seeing the video. I'm almost scared for them both to be everything, because it will make it even more tragic when they flop all over the place.


  1. Rule Your World sounds a lot better than Busy Do Nothing, and looking at the teaser photos she definitely went out of her comfort zone and tried to sex it up. I just feel like Crystal is still going about this the wrong way. She needs to get her name out there. Right now she's an unknown artist in the U.S despite having ten years+ experience in the music industry. She needs to be putting out mixtapes, hitting up rappers to feature on her shit like chicks like TInashe and Jhene Aiko did, and possibly opening up for people. I guess what I'm saying is that she needs to network and form some connections or this isn't going to work for her.


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