Hikaru Utada is a married woman. Weds in Italy. Whips her weave piece fringe in and out the church.

Hikaru Utada is a married woman. Weds in Italy. Whips her weave piece fringe in and out the church | Random J Pop

Hikaru Utada is now a married woman. Again. The record breaking, wig snatching, musician, singer, song-writer, best selling artist in Asian history Hikeezus Christ tied the knot with her Italian boyfriend of 5 minutes in a ceremony held in the Italian town of Polignano a Mare on May 23.

Hikaru made the shock announcement that she was engaged 2 months ago which sparked many reactions from fans, but mostly elation for the singer / songwriter who encountered tragedy in August 2013 when her mother committed suicide. Ever since becoming engaged Hikaru became much more active than she had been for the year prior; tweeting regularly, posting on her official blog and hosting her own radio show. But not as active as fans would have liked, as Hikaru still hasn't released any new material since 2012's "Sakura nagashi", and she hasn't given any indication that she will release anything soon.

Given the way in which Hikaru Utada is punking fans with these surprise announcements out of the blue, I would suspect that when and if she releases new music, there will be no pre announcement. She will just do a Beyoncé and drop that f**king shit.

Speaking of Beyoncé, there was no word on if she turned up to the wedding following a rumour that Hikaru had invited her. If this is true, then she asked the wrong Knowles sister. She needed to be inviting Solange and putting barricades on all of the church and reception stairwells. That would have gotten the wedding poppin' in a hot minute.

I'm always dubious about couples who date for such a short amount of time and then feel this rush to get married, as I can never understand the urgency and what difference a wedding or a marriage makes at that point in a relationship. But what doesn't make sense to one person is another's clarity. As a long term fan of Hikaru, I wish her all the best, that this is the one and that her marriage goes the full distance.

Given Hikaru's life in the spotlight since the age of 15, always being stuck in-between two parents who had a publicly tumultuous relationship and then divorcing her own husband, there are worse things Hikaru could do than marry a guy she's only known for  a couple of months. Just look at some of Hollywood's most notable screw-ups.

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