Ayumi Hamasaki breaks a record. And then breaks another one. The takeover won't stop.

Whoever your favourite artist is, Ayumi Hamasaki just made them look like a flop with her latest releases.

Ayumi Hamasaki just broke records with her DVD sales. Home girl has managed to shift over 2 million units of her live DVD's in total!! But this is not all. She also became the first artist to have 4 releases sit within the top 10, as a result of Avex releasing no less than 4 Ayumi Hamasaki remix albums at once. No box set shit.  4 INDIVIDUAL REMIX ALBUMS!

Avex must really want that money. Like, really want it. 2 DVD's and 4 remix albums released all at once!? When was 1 tour DVD and 1 remix album not good enough!? Then again, this is Ayumi Hasamaski. This chick always has to roll out everything and the kitchen sink. She'll probably have a new single out by July and another album out by November. Ayumi Hamasaki won't stop until she's dead. And even then Ayumi will still be releasing shit to ensure her coffin stays padded with Yen.

Somewhere under a pile of wigs and press on nails, Kumi Koda is plotting how she can beat these records. Expect her to release a quintuplet A side single within the next 2 months.


  1. Yay, Ayu her RNRC DVD was epic.

    and lol she is coming out with a new single called Making Fate for some video game pretty sure it is going to drop after her tour is done.

    oh and some recommendation,

    Kumi's Driving Hit 3 is so good, I don't usually like remixes but her remixes for Freaky and Pop Diva made those song 100x hotter.

  2. I love the use of the Streets of Rage 2 image with Ayu's face slapped on.

  3. Ayumi Hamasaki will no less (and you guessed it), take over the world (OF COURSE!)

  4. Ayu is a G, she's got a whole wing of her mansion full of snatched wigs lol
    It's great that she's still doing so well but i wish that Avex would actually give her fans a chance to miss her like an album every two years or something like Namie gets to do.
    Having said that i do LOVE "Love Songs" and she is the Empress so... Get em gurrl.

    P.S yes you know Kumi is pulling her own hair over this lol


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