The full tracklisting for Beyoncé's 4

Tracklist | Beyoncé's 4

The Amazonian robot empress of the kingdom of lost wigs has revealed the full tracklist to her forthcoming studio album 4, which stands at a trim 12 tracks.

There has been no word on whether this album will release in a deluxe edition containing extra tracks; something which seems to have become a common thing with Sony's releases as of late. So we'll have to wait and see. If there is no word of a deluxe edition release for this album within the next 3 weeks, then we'll know it will mean Beyoncé will plan to embark on a world tour, drop a remix of a song from the album featuring  Nicki Minaj and then put out a re-release at some point.

  1. 1+1
  2. I care
  3. I miss you
  4. Best thing I never had
  5. Party featuring Andre 3000
  6. Rather die young
  7. Start over
  8. Love on top
  9. Countdown
  10. End of time
  11. I was here
  12. Run the world (Girls)

"1 + 1" as the first track and "Run the world (Girls)" as the last...Really!?

I see Beyoncé managed to drag Andre 3000 out of hiding. Hopefully she'll drop "Party" as a single, insist he be all up in that music video, and thereby stink him with the bug to release some new music. Because Andre 3000 has been out of the music game for far too long doing God knows what.

I love me some Beyoncé. But I can't get excited for this album when I've not loved any of what I've heard from this set so far.


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