Music video: Jason Derulo - Don't wanna go home

Somebody should get this n***a a laminated name tag. Because he obviously can't remember his own name, given that he screams it at the start of every f**king song.

This song will be a hit in the UK because of the song it samples. I'm sick to death of "Show me love". I wasn't keen on it in the 90's. I was less keen on it when it was re-released and re-vamped a couple of years ago and I just plain hate anything to do with it now.

Here are the thoughts which ran through my mind, in the exact order as I watched this video:
  1. Jason Derulo gets on my nerves. 
  2. This n***a did not just go and f**k with the Trio theme song?!
  3. This shit looks like Britney's "Overprotected". 
  4. Damn! It's that gap toothed chick who oversings from the Pussycat dolls! 
  5. This smells like Chris Brown.
I think it's a shame Jason Derulo puts out such rubbish songs, because his voice isn't bad when he actually sings and stops wailing and shouting.


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