BoA's 10th anniversary countdown...

BoA's official Japanese website has been updated with a countdown clock to celebrate her 10th anniversary in the music biz!

The first thing which comes to mind for me is BoA will be dropping a Best album this year. We only got one from BoA 2 years ago and she's only released one Japanese studio album since then. But this is Avex we're dealing with. The same label who lets Kumi Koda put out a Best album and a remix album in between every studio album, and has Ayumi Hamasaki drop 2 different DVD's per tour and three remix albums in one go. A Best album would not be out of the realm of possibility.

I'm actually beginning to feen for a new Japanese studio album from BoA. Ever since her return to Korea and wrapping up her music activities, she's shown a great deal of person-ability and an actual love for what she gets to do. It's nice to see. Because over the course of her Best & USA, BoA and Identity releases, BoA looked as though she did not care and just wanted somebody to give it to her how armed forces gave it to Osama.

I'm torn. Avex sapped the life out of BoA. But her last Japanese studio album Identity showed really promise and a nice amount of growth in her music, as did her latest digital single "I see me".


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