Jennifer Hopelez does her thing on American idol

Jennifer Hopelez took to the American idol stage to show that she can actually do things other than sit on a leather chair and just nod like a car dash bobblehead.

I have to hand it to J. Ho. She did good. REALLY good. Somebody could even come up to me and say that she shut it down and I wouldn't even disagree.

Jennifer Hopelez wasn't so hopeless here. Some of those vocals were straight up pre-recorded. But J.Lo had me with that routine during the breakdown. She actually stayed true to the lyrics of the song on the floor. I give this shit an 8.0 even without the weave thrashing and pussy popping. I liked it that much. And homegirl is 41 with 2 children!! Anybody who still wants to defend Britney's lack of dancing with that, "But she's been in the game forever and she's had 2 kids" mess now needs to stay seated. J. Ho slid her arse down to the floor and worked shit out like she was still a fly girl on In living color.

Why a bitch did not put it down like this in the music video is beyond me. I still think the song is absolute garbage. But this performance made me work a shoulder and get some bounce action going for a second.

I'mma need somebody to upload that "Good hit" video to VEVO right now.


  1. oh wow...she DID that! i guess she had to show them AI performers how to be a vocalist! *side eye* i liked the usher-esque choreo ("you don't have to call", anyone?) looked like it was lots of fun! and yes - DROP THAT GOOD HIT JOINT!!!! :D

  2. HAHA J you gotta stop shading Britneyyyyy, she has an old knee injury and her medication makes her lethargic ~_~ I would love to see Brit shut it down like that though.

    JLO i love you! she's bringing it, she's taking me back to the 90s with her shit and i love it! That dance break was fantastic :D


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