Lipton "Let in rain" on the SNSD-bots. In coffee. Not money.

When you want that product commercial money and some good exposure in Japan, you go to Lipton or Suntory. Whoever hooked this gig up for these hoes needs a raise. Somebody at SM entertainment is getting paid, and you can bet a sack of won it's nobody in Girls' generation.

Peep them trying to look sexy whilst not drinking coffee, and listen to a snippet of a song lifted from their upcoming album.

This commercial featured all of the sexing up that the "Tell me your wish (Genie)" video should have had. The director should have slapped the coffee shots out of those girls' hands, made them stand in line and do that Genie leg like they've got a one way ticket to Kim Jong-il's mansion if they don't. Somebody can feel free to seen Hyeyeon there anyway. The girl annoys me to no end.

28 seconds of "Let it rain" just threw all 3 minutes and 37 seconds of "Mr. Taxi" under a taxi. The song sounds hot.


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