Kumi Koda gets knee capped on stage

Album art: BoA - Hurricane Venus

BoA, yo' momma!

Kylie performs "Get outta my way" back home in Oz

Kumi keeps it dry outside of the fishbowl

New music: Asher Roth - G.R.I.N.D (Get ready it's a new day)

Album art: David Archuleta - The other side of down

Maroon 5 sing "Misery" from the rooftops

New music: Ne-Yo - Hurt me

Namie gets herself back on Hey!Hey!Hey! Music champ

Hurricane Venus shows leg

Music video: Gackt - Ever

Album art: Shontelle - No gravity

Music video: Kele - Everything you wanted

New music: Katy Perry - Teenage dream

Minzy gets low to some Ursh

Music video: BoA - Game

Bonus material: BoA - No dance, no life

Namie breaks it with a damn explosion

BoA is Hurricane Venus

Music video: T.I featuring Keri Hilson - Got your back

Album art: Katy Perry - Teenage dream

Music video: Christina Aguilera - You lost me

Now presenting...BoA with a flower pot on her head

Iconiq sells that damn lip stick and gets that money

Music video: SHINee - Lucifer

A shot of Ronald McDonald's ho engaging in arson

Music video: Se7en - Better together

Random J's album art: Ciara - C-Error

Music video: Nicki Minaj - Your love

Music video: Tomohisa Yamashita - One in a million

Q: Who is the best selling female artist of the 2000's? A: It's Britney bitch!

Music video: Wynter Gordon - Dirty talk

Beyoncé be stylin' (like Etta James on Safari)

Music video: Dondria featuring Johnta Austin & Diamond - Shawty wus up

New music: 4minute - Superstar

Music video: Jyongri - Without you

Bonus material: Janelle Monáe - Cold war (Wondamix)

Music video: Mark Ronson and The business intl featuring MNDER & Q-Tip - Bang bang bang

Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Moon

Beyoncé does her own make-up how she writes her own songs

Alex da Kid working with Britney

P!nk gets slingshot into a barrier. Hurts like a muthaf**ker.

Behind the scenes of Janet Jackson's Blackglama shoot

The Dream is really sowwy

Music video: Monica - Love all over me

L'Oreal f**k up Beyoncé

Kato Kazuki sells his soul to dance and wear a catsuit

Seventeen magazine must hate these bitches

Alicia causes another split

Kumi performs "Lollipop" on Music Japan and CDTV

Amerie changes her name and is now Ameriie (What the f**k!?)

Music video: Ne-Yo - Champagne life

Brown eyed girl Narsha works that wig on Music bank

Music video: Ne-Yo - Beautiful monster

Music video: Miray - Parasol smile

SHINee's "Lucifer" teaser

Random J's single art: Madonna - Give it 2 me

M.I.A and the M.I.A's perform to noise on Letterman

Kelis' Flesh tone flops

Music video: Meloride - Koi no shuraba

Gabi Amarantos does a drive by on a Beyoncé classic