Seventeen magazine must hate these bitches

Ke$ha covers Seventeen magazine | Magazine cover Christina Aguilera covers Seventeen magazine | Magazine cover

Seventeen magazine's latest issue features Ke$ha and Christina Aguilera on alternate covers, and by the looks of the shots - somebody hates both these girls. Ke$ha looks like Dolph Lundgren and Christina doesn't look like Christina at all!

I cannot believe that is Christina Aguilera on that magazine cover. It can't be! It doesn't look a thing like her?! Christina needs to phone Seventeen magazine and ask whoever okay'd this picture for some answers. Because when you've got an album to try and salvage and you shoot a magazine cover which has a shot looking nothing like you - you've got problems.

Kylie Minogue also called. She wants her Aphrodite strappy front T-shirt and pink tittied cone bra back.


  1. Damn...they made "Christina" look ugly. And what's with the nose and the round face?! It looks like she just went through make up on a movie set playing a character. I can at least recognize Ke$ha, eventhough it looks like they added weight to her.

  2. I should be shot for saying this but X reaalllly looks like GaGa in that pic!

  3. @ Anonymous
    She really does. It's the nose.

  4. GaGa doesn't look that bad.


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