Music video: Super Junior - No other

This shit was so cheesy that SM entertainment should have had this shit be product placed with Velveeta and Cheese strings.

Is it not possible for any Super Junior video these days to not feature a setup which looks like "Sorry, sorry"? We really have seen the open space and whack dance routine run into subterranean territory with Super Junior now.

And I don't care what anybody wants to tell me about their 'oppa': Eunhyuk was NOT working them cowboy boots. Not even a little bit.


  1. Who cares if their music video was cheesy?! Can't people just leave them alone and let them do their own thing? I hate how they're constantly being criticized, it seems like they're never good enough. It's either them being too cheesy/cute or them trying too hard to be sexy/manly. It's all a bunch of bullcrap! There are enough people that love them for who they are, so can't you just accept them?!


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