Music video: Namie Amuro - Break it

Namie was actually dancing and swagging with (a little bit of) gusto. It's pretty cool that even at the age of 30 she's still evolving in some form. She's come a long way since videos like "Put 'em up" and "Want me, want me" where she was dancing like she was bored stiff and just wanted her life to end. But this video still could have been much better. It doesn't make me like the song any more than I did last week, and there's not a great deal memorable about it.

Tthe whole time I was watching this I kept thinking how it reminded me of a 21st century version of her "Fast car" music video. The layout of the sets, some of the dance steps and even the shots used look really similar.


  1. omg i said exactly the same thing wen i saw it (fast car look alike) but i like this abit more not sure y ¬¬ i still cant understand the song other then wen she sings 'break break break it oo' its all over.. but still love it :)

  2. I'm actually not feeling the song at all...the video is boring as hell. And Namie should definitly get a new stylist, her looks are starting to get boring.

  3. I agree with ero-kawai-world ^_^. Also she looks bored, again.

  4. Ugh this was like fast car minus the cheap period costumes...
    I don't understand how Namie can have such hot ads and then such lame video's straight after?!

    She must be working with the wrong directors & stylists but eitherway she needs to switch it up.
    I agree that her look is getting boring fast, i really liked when she had that short look in the "Lovegame" video and wish she'd go for that permenantly but i know she wants to hang on to that Videl Sassoon $$$$ smh...

    About the song, the video actually made me find it more boring #FAIL


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