Music video: Narsha - BBI-RI-BOP-A

If Rihanna's "Disturbia" got spit roasted by Tim Burton's Sleepy hollow and Lady Gaga with a strap-on, this video would surely be the result.

Narsha got one nice advance on them wigs. She went right through the hair at a rate that'd even make Beyoncé and Gaga's head spin. And she kept it moving with the fashion too. Lady Gaga can suck on that grape. Narsha done came better than "Alejandro" with this shit and dropped a better song too.


  1. Narsha did in 4 minutes what Lady Gaga needed 8 to do, and Narsha looked all kinds of hot in this video.

  2. Agreed. *high fives Mister Dynamite*

  3. Yep, great song and great video. ^_^


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