Sneak snippets: Iconiq - My season + Tokyo lady

Iconiq - My season + Tokyo lady | Sneaky snippets
That other Ayumi at Avex 'Iconiq' is set to release a mini album in September and we have two snippets of brand new songs...

Listen: My season

Listen: Tokyo lady

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"My season" is the good stuff. It would have made a really nice addition to Change myself. I can't wait to hear it in full. "Tokyo lady" isn't doing much for me based on the snippet. It sounds like a really bad version of Crystal Kay's "Namida no saki ni". But I'll reserve judgement until I hear it in full, as the song could switch up or down in all manner of ways and wind up being a grower.

I just hope Avex don't take this girl and run her shit into the ground. Because she started off strong with a solid debut album, a bunch of hot music videos and a slick image. It'd be a shame for Avex to work her into a shadow of her former self as they've done with BoA. That girl is just dead on the inside now.

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  1. yes J i am SO glad you put me onto this girl! I've been playing her songs non stop lol
    I liked "my season" but yeah "Tokyo Lady" may be better in full.

    I hate Avex they are assholes... smh.

    p.s she really looks like Kumi in that pic ^_^

  2. ^ Ditto. She's the 2010 fire. I'm gonna watch for these songs, J. You've done it again.

  3. Tokyo Lady sounds like some Morning Musume s**t. ;(
    She looks great in that photo though.


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