P!nk gets slingshot into a barrier. Hurts like a muthaf**ker.

P!nk's gig in Nürnberg went horribly wrong when P!nk failed to be clipped into her harness correctly and even signalled all was not right. Yet somebody yanked that wire anyway and slingshot P!nk into a barrier.

With it being 2010 and everybody and their Grandparent having a mobile phone with video capabilities, of course this whole thing was filmed and is now on YouTube. And with P!nk being in pain and still hooked up to a mic, she dropped F-bombs which everybody heard.

P!nk being the trooper that she is was tweeting from the floor, from the ambulance, from the hospital and didn't let it phase her for a second. Most chicks would vow never to do the stunt again and cancel shows. But P!nk is keeping it moving, has not cancelled a show and plans to head back to the road as scheduled. P!nk stays on that grind. She's like a white Beyoncé. Except with a personality and without the weaves and songwriting credit stealing tendencies.

I'm just glad P!nk's okay, because this could have gone horribly wrong. I guess the reality of such high risk manoeuvres as the ones P!nk has been pulling for the whole of her Funhouse tour is that at some point something could potentially go wrong - even when you've got a bunch of professionals around you.