It's official. Hikaru Utada will be dropping a brand new album in 2016.

Hikaru Utada to release her long awaited 8th studio album in September | Random J Pop

With the release of a new single in June, a new album was inevitable. But now it is 100% official. Hikaru Utada will be releasing her 6th Japanese studio album, her first studio album in 8 years on September 28th.

Details on the album are thin on the ground, but none of this matters. The fact of the matter is that Hikaru Utada dropping a new album this year, that I will be referring to as the U testament.

The album is confirmed to feature her 2012 single release "Sakura nagashi", as well as her 2016 double A-side single release "Hanataba wo kimini" and "Manatsu no tooriame" Yep. Hikaru Utada will be featuring a 4 year old song on her album. It's like "Colors" all over again. I would say that the song should be revamped, but the song is damn near perfect as it is. Pah. Rightly so that the song should feature on the album, because it's a damn good song. Just as "Colors" was.

In true Hikaru Utada fashion, there will probably be no promo for this album other than Hikaru Utada walking outside of her house on release day and waving goodbye to the paps for all of the careers she's about to end.

Any live performances, interviews, tours or even her featuring in her own damn music video will be a bonus. I'm wondering if she'll even appear on her own album cover. For the sake of continuity, she had damn well better. I can't have album 8 killing the consistency with some shot of a flower or some clouds. Heart station ruined the album consistency by simply featuring text.

As always, whenever I post about Hikaru Utada I have to mention Kingdom Hearts. The long awaited third entry into the popular Disney and Square Enix cross over video game series will not see the light of day this year. For this reason, I honestly cannot imagine that Square Enix would opt to pluck a song from Hikaru's album to feature as the theme to Kingdom Heats III, given that by the time the game does come out, the song would be old. I stand firm in my belief that despite spats between team Utada and Disney, that Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya 'Out zips on errthang' Nomura would do everything he can to get Hikaru to record another song. She far too synonymous with the series for a new entry into the series to release without a song from her. If this were to be the case, then this would definitely mean that regardless of whether Hikaru puts out another album after her release of the U testament in September, that there would at least be a new song further down the line. For this reason alone, I want you all to light a vigil with your copies of Kingdom Hearts and a Disney blu-ray and pray.

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