Music video: Kumi Koda - Outside fishbowl

Kumi's ♪ outside fishbooool ♪ was like watching the manifestation of Michael Jackson's Ghosts f**king a hole in the chapters of Great expectations when Pip is at Satis house.

The whole time I was watching the video I kept thinking What is the point to this!? The video made little sense. Now, I've been watching MTV long enough to know a video doesn't need to make sense to be good. But a video should be entertaining, and this wasn't. As with "Inside fishbowl" it was all style, and about as much substance as there is food in Victoria Beckham's stomach.

Kumi missed an opportunity to laser me down with the skanknicity...yet again! When she got up on that table I was expecting her to do tricks with wine glasses and grapes, and pussy pop for the guests. And when the zombie guy was ripping of that dress I thought Kumi was going to X-rate that scene so bad. But nope.

I guess Avex Trax are wearing Kumi Koda down too. I couldn't see it before, but I sure as hell can now. She smiles and flicks weave in our faces like it's all good in the Kumiko hood. But the ho in her is being whipped down and is dying.


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