Christina talks that same ol' shit, but with new hair

ET caught up with Christina, and she talked about that same old shit we've heard her talk about for the past month. I'm only really posting this so we can check out Christina rocking non Bionic hair and show us what she looks like without enough shit loads of peroxide burning that scalp and enough make-up on her face to bake a tray of Maybelline cup cakes.

My son, futuristic, electronica. Blah, blagh, blaaggghhh!! Bionic is as futuristic as day glo socks and boob tubes. She needs to go listen to Britney's Blackout and Kylie Minogues's Aphrodite. They did what Christina attempted to do with Bionic, only effortlessly and with a result which was actually decent. No "Woohoo", no good. Bye Christina.


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