Keisha's last performances as part of the Sugababes

The Sugababes MSN performance at Movida | Live performances
The Sugababes did a gig for MSN a while back, but videos of them have only just surfaced. I did post the performance of "No more you" way back when, but I had no idea they performed "Thank you for the heartbreak" and "About you now" too.

I can use the term Sugababes some-what genuinely because that ho Amelle wasn't in attendance. I'm guessing Keisha got up in her face about something earlier than day. I've got nothing against Amelle. She just gets on my nerves and thinks she runs things in the group now. She needs to slow her role.

Thank you for the heartbreak

About you now

The tension in the air was so thick on that stage you could have dived into it and had sex with it. The girls did a great job though. I especially liked their performance of "About you now". It was nice to hear Heidi take over more of the song. "Thank you for the heartbreak" doesn't do much for me on Sweet 7, but the 'babes live performances of it always rocked and gave the song an energy and a punch that the album version just lacked.

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  1. I agree i hate that Heidi has been so underrated and underused over the past 3 albums (sweet 7 she had like 7 sweet lines lol).
    Again i gotta say that i like Jade but i would rather Keisha was still in the band but at the same time she is a f****** b**** and i don't think it's fair to expect Heidi & Amelle to be taking shit every day...
    Keisha thought she was the band when if we're honest since mutya left so did something else.
    What actually pisses me off is that Keisha's new songs sounds really good and like the "old sugababes" so why the f*** didn't she bring some of that to Change, Catfights and Sweet 7?!

    Also i just wanna say (like i always do) that you are so right about the live versions of Sweet 7 songs, even the when Heidi, Amelle & Jade were performing them live for live lounge or the Suns sessions they were AMAZING which is the reason that i think there's still hope that Heidi, Amelle & Jade can put a good album out especially now they're supposedly working with producers from "3" & "taller in more ways".

  2. "What actually pisses me off is that Keisha's new songs sounds really good and like the "old sugababes" so why the f*** didn't she bring some of that to Change, Catfights and Sweet 7?!"

    Because Keisha was not in as much control of the group as you seem to believe she was. Simple! See sense boy!! *lol*

    None of the girls (including Keisha) wrote as much for Catfights & spotlights and Sweet 7 as they did for past albums. In fact they barely wrote anything for those albums. So obviously Keisha wasn't the one holding the reigns on the sound for their last couple of albums. The change was more than likely an A&R and management decision.

    It's clear that from when Mutya left, the management and A&R saw it as a chance to take the group in a different direction. Everything from their music to their image began to change.

    The problem with the group was / is BIGGER than Keisha. You can't keep blaming her for everything that's gone wrong with the group. Even the way in which Keisha herself got chucked out of the group was shady. Clearly the 'babes management aren't running as tight a ship as they should be - otherwise the girls wouldn't be running into problems constantly.

    Keisha is not the root of all the problems as you like to believe she was.


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