Music video: Ne-Yo - Champagne life

Between "Beautiful monster" and "Champagne life" - "Champagne life" is most definitely the better song and video out of the two. No question about it. But the video was still weak and got old real quick. Not only because it was essentially the same five shots throughout the whole thing, but because we've all seen black dudes in the Hip-hip and R&B game do these types of videos time and time again. It's like a rite of passage. If you're a black dude in the music game, you have to have at least one video which is nothing but chicks and bottles poppin' in a club, with so many close up's of the drank bottles that the music video may as well be a 5 minute commercial for it. Even the story elements didn't do much to separate "Champagne life" from the rest. It was still the same ol', same ol' when all was played and done.


  1. he's boring. why does he have to wear a suit in every video like he's some gentlemen from the 50's anyway. wear normal stuff already.


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