Music video: Miray - Parasol smile

Avex must be experiencing cut backs, because this video looked like it was on a budget which wouldn't have been enough to order a bowl of ramen and a cup of green tea. And Miray could sho' as hell do with some ramen. Chick is so skinny!

Miray is a world class prancer and she's hot. But you'll find some mysterious Jedi like force chokes every time you try to refer to her as an artist. It can't be done. Still...if a song is good, I'll roll with it. And Miray's "Jump pump" was my guiltiest of pleasures. In fact, it was a bi of a jam! "Parasol smile" on the other hand, sucks. It tries to re-tread "Jump pump" ground, but all it does is fall flat on its face and have some ho ride up on it on a bicycle and sing a towel in the air.

"Parasol smile" will feature on Miray's self titled mini album, which will also feature the far superior "Jump pump".


  1. This is the kind of jpop I hate with a passion. It will probably sell very well though.


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