Namie gets herself back on Hey!Hey!Hey! Music champ

Namie performs 'Get myself back' on Hey!Hey!Hey! Music champ | Live performance
"Break it" and "Get myself back" have to be one of Namie's weakest double A-side releases. The songs are boring, and the videos were about as interesting as staring at an A4 lined piece of paper. But thankfully Namie injected a little s'um, s'um into her performance of "Get myself back". That s'um, s'um being spoonfuls of sweetness.

She looked nice. We could have done without the reef of flowers in the hair, but Namie still looked nice. This performance wasn't all that captivating. A few bits of fabric wafting in the breeze of a super powered fan could have made all the difference. But Namie's vocals were decent and she looked so damn sweet on that stage that I just can't hate on a bitch. When she smiled at the end I damn near melted.


  1. The song is boring as hell. But she's so cute!

  2. my gosh!!! this A-SIDE is everything bad but she makes everything soooo GOOOOOD...
    hopfully well see a new vidal sasoon cm soon


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