Music video: BoA - Game

This came out of nowhere! I just went on YouTube and this was on my front page. I even questioned whether it was new or legit until I saw the Hurricane venus splash at the end.

The video was boring, but BoA looked HAWT! She was looking a heck of alot like Lee Hyori in parts. Especially when she poked her tongue out at 3:17. It's just nice to see BoA looking like she's having fun again.

One couldn't help but notice the glaring absence of dancing though. And as we know, in the K-Pop game a catchy dance routine is key. Maybe SM entertainment think BoA's too big for that shit. But I say they should have put her ass in a dance studio and given her some catchy ass routine. It's a shame for a song so uptempo and catchy to not feature one. If she hits up the Music Bank's and Inkigayo's there probably will be a routine to go with the song. I can't see BoA performing this without some form of dancing. All I know is that she best get low how she did at the 3:21 mark in this video during live performances.

"Game" isn't a bad song neither. Of course it features generous helpings of auto-tune (as 98 percent of K-Pop music does these days) but BoA is actually singing with some gusto and sass, which is something Identity was criminally lacking on certain songs. The song is very Britney and Bloodshy & Avant-eqsue. I like it.


  1. THANK GOD SHE'S BACK WITH SM! ... I never thought I'd say that... But seriously, SM may be cruel, but they know how to handle their bitches. The lack of dancing was regrettable, but we'll see one in a live performance. But it was an okay song. Better than "Woo Weekend".

    And does this mean we don't get a video of you shitting on a BoA CD?


    HURRICANE VENUS is the one BoA will be using to promote her album.

    HURRICANE VENUS is the main title track and the MV will be released August 2.

    GAME is just a teaser present for the fans previously stated in a Korean article.

  3. BoA better sell the SHIT out of this album... word's going around that she's in major financial debt (no doubt her US debut plays a major part in that) and may not be resigned to Avex

  4. The blonde hair makes her look old : (

  5. This song is a grower, it took me a couple of plays but now i love it and BoA is looking HOT!
    I like that she seems like she's actually enjoying the music unlike with her Japanese stuff at the moment.

    p.s i seriously can't see BoA being in debt what the fudge does she spend all that money on?!
    nah she's rolling in it i think.

  6. Most of the money for BoA's English debut came out of her own pocket, with a percentage going towards SM. Add on the fact that she's not selling in Japan, and there ya go.

  7. Don't forget that SM artists don't actually receive a lot of money...

  8. I highly doubt BoA's in debt.

    That girl raked in $30 million US dollars alone in 2006. Yes, she kept it all to herself (she had Nike, Levi's, Beer, Car, etc. endorsements Asia-wide)

    BoA's USA debut was by SM, BoA did not spend any money on it.

    If BoA did spend on her USA debut I highly doubt she's in debt because albums don't cost $30 million dollars you know.

    Plus BoA's MV's are pretty cheap, none of them even surpassed 1 million dollars.

    BoA ain't Ayumi Hamasaki who spend one million dollar plus on everything. Even nail art.


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