Music video: Taeyang featuring G-Dragon - I need a girl

I'm liking this song. Nice, laid back and summery. Although the backing vocals are weaker than Sooyoung's semi-anorexic leg.

The video was nice too, but it was boring. Taeyang and Dara looked cute together, but Dara was not knowing where to look when Taeyang was 6-packing her up against the wall. She should have been channelling her inner freak and running them fingers and down that chest and grinding her ass down to the floor.

Sandara stays being the member of 2NE1 that the camera loves the most. It's a shame microphones don't love her as much.


  1. DAMN!!!! that boy is too sexy for his own good! and that's all i'll say about the subject (though i could say much much MUCH more!!!)


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