Now presenting...BoA with a flower pot on her head

BoA's 6th Korean studio album promo shot | Promo's
SM entertainment have finally given something to allude to BoA's sixth full length Korean studio album, by releasing this new promo shot of her. I'm not sure what the concept is behind it, but she looks hot. Then again, BoA always does. She's one of those lucky bitches who rarely (if ever) takes a bad photo. Not many girls could work a Gypsy's shawl, an accessory of Mystic Meg's and their Grandmother's flower pot on their head, but BoA can.

It will be interesting to see if BoA doing her thing on her home soil for her fans who have waited for so long will re-light that fire in BoA which Avex seem to have stamped the f**k out of over the past couple of years. I hope it does. BoA looks as though she's close to calling it a day, crawling into a hole and just dying.

I'm keen to hear which direction SM will have BoA go with this new album. I'm on stand by for half an album of auto-tune and half an album of songs so dreary they'll have me slip into a coma.


  1. I feel bad for her. Around the time that she's releasing this album (August 5th), she'll be doing the SM World Tour. I also feel bad because the Kpop scene is dominated by groups.

  2. BoA's Korean album title was officially announced on her official Korean website.



    Kylie's Aphrodite, BoA is effn' Venus!


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