I'm on holiday. Fuck da updates.

Listen to... Beyoncé - Bow down / I been on

Just because... Visual merchandising in a Japanese CD shop: The sabotage of Ayumi Hamasaki

Listen to... Mutya Keisha Siobhan - Lay down in swimming pools

Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninjari bang bang

Music video: BoA - The shadow (Japanese version)

Crystal Kay talks about how R&B has fallen off and talks about that English language album

Music video: Mariah Carey - Almost home

Namie looks fly as hell in Glamorous magazine

Music video: Kumi Koda - Shake hip!

Music video: Namie Amuro - Big boys cry

Listen to... Namie Amuro - Big boys cry / Beautiful

Did Pamyu Pamyu throw shade at idols?!

Listen to... Perfume - Daijo banai

Perfume perform "Mirai no museum". Look on point, sound like bum holes.

Music video: Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Zzz - Suit & tie

Happy 27th Birthday Crystal Kay!!