Music video: BoA - The shadow (Japanese version)

The song may have been butchered a little in its transition over to Japanese, but at least the video stayed the same. BoA must have been a tired mess after this shoot, having to have shot the Korean and Japanese versions back to back.

Despite SM working their artists to the point of exhaustion, the label itself is lazy. Just re-working Korean songs into Japanese is a mess. Especially if they aren't going to do it properly. Every single song SM have Japanesed from Korean has sounded awful. The rhythmic flow of the song always gets happy slapped in the face. Ain't nobody got time fo' this!! Chances are that Japanese fans of these artists will have copped the Korean versions anyway. If they like them that much they would have, regardless of whether they can understand the lyrics or not. It certainly doesn't stop some of us.


  1. This definitely doesn't sound as bad as Only One. I'm not sure if BoA translated this song as well to Japanese, but she did a shit job with Only One. The lyrics did not flow in Japanese and it needed some tweaking to the melody or something.


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