Crystal Kay talks about how R&B has fallen off and talks about that English language album

Crystal Kay talks about how R&B has fallen off |

Crystal Kay continues to flop in Japan, but this only serves as fuel to make her work harder so that she doesn't end up having to work a graveyard shift at the Family mart 2 blocks away from the Yokohama ferris wheel on weekends. Crystal is staying on that grind until the wheels fall right off or she ends up dead. Fuck a 9 to 5.

English interviews with Crystal are rare. Far too rare for an artist who speaks fluent English. But a recent interview has surfaced where Crystal is asked about the decline of R&B and how her music has adapted to that. I was about to say "We've all heard Vivid, so this is nothing new". But then I remembered how nobody actually bothered to check that album out. Tragic, given it was one of the best releases of last year. Not just in J-Pop, but PERIOD.

I think Japan has always been pop-culture centered and in recent years, girl groups like AKB48 and K-Pop acts have really taken over the market. Those acts are more relatable to Japan’s 'genki' style of motivational messages, rather than trying to convey seriousness or complicated feelings or social issues through music.

So there aren’t many relatable aspects of R&B and Hip-Hop, and the rawness these genres present, as there is elsewhere.

Anyhow R&B in general has faded everywhere, the world is pumping more and more pop, so Japan being pop heavy from the start means R&B has really fallen off.

I've adapting by mixing J-Pop and the essence of R&B in my melodies. I just hope people enjoy what I create, because I believe good music is good music regardless of the genre.
Real talk. J-R&B in Japan is near enough dead. Namie risked her career by throwing dolla at Dallas Austin to make her an R&B star and then she dropped Uncontrolled and abandoned R&B how a ho abandoned Oliver Twist on an orphanage door step.

Crystal also expressed in this very same interview that she'd very much like to record a full English language album; something fans have been long awaiting. Crystal has expressed a desire to do this on numerous occasions. But given how active she has been since switching to Universal, this is more of a possibility now than it was when Crystal was sat stagnant at Epic records. If Universal follow this through, they need to make the release global and throw that shit on every iTunes server there is. Crystal is also going to need to do book in some dates around Europe and the US. Ain't no reason for her not to come and pop her pussy on a stage in London after she snatched Faye Wong's pearl earrings off of her ear lobes at the Distant worlds concert last year. Crystal would obviously flop. But an English language album has been long overdue. I stay waiting for that news that "It's a crime" is going to be a single. (N***as ain't in Paris, they in-denial). And yes, I am acting like Natural was not a damn thing. "Good morning Sue"!? Get the fuck out. "I'm not alone" was a bit of a jam tho. Still in-denial. Leave me alone.

Crystal Kay talks R&B’s decline and acting ambitions @ Blouin artinfo

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  1. The decline of R&B is a sad fact to me and other early 00s Japanese music fans. It went out of style in the U.S. YEARS before it happened in Japan, so it was bound to happen.

    If the trend of Japan being behind the U.S. by 5-10 years keeps up though, they should see a bigger increase in Pop and then a decrease in the group format of pop and an increase in more solo projects like Ayumi Hamasaki (but not Ayu, she's done) and that's something to look forward to.

    1. " increase in more solo projects like Ayumi Hamasaki (but not Ayu, she's done)....."


  2. @ David It's a crying shame that's for sure.

    My fantasy would be for her to do Itoshiihito and I'll be There in english.


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