Music video: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Ninjari bang bang

I love this song. It's like Naruto had sex with Taki from Soul Calibur who then went on a midnight creep with the pixel n***a from Kung-fu on the NES, who then got drunk and banged his head against a taiko drum whilst the 2 dollar ho he picked up earlier in the evening plays Tetris by the side of the curb. But I needed more from this video. I needed all that random, crazy shit she had in her previous videos, multiplied by her number of wigs. I would have taken a recording of Pussy Pamyu's debut performance of the song over this video. At least that shit had flashing lights.

What Pussy should have done was come to me for a video treatment. I would have had her 2 stepping and krumping in a ninja outfit in a dojo with her home girl Shinobi bitches for the verses, and then had her popping her kimono clad pussy under some cherry blossoms in a temple courtyard for the chorus. The tail end of the video would have featured Pussy Pamyu dressed in a frog outfit dancing in a pond, as fireworks pop off in the background and her backing dancers dressed as Raccoons drop it low and slow whine behind her.

If only Nakata stopped being sprung over the head Pamyu gives him, Perfume could've gotten this song. Could you imagine how fly they would've looked in Ninja, kimono themed outfits and the routine!? CATCH ME!! *faints*


  1. Love the song, the video was suckish compared to her others, but it's all good! I'm hoping that this album hasn't showed it's entirety yet, because if this has been the best song she's released, there better be a "Step on the Floor" meets "Nee" meets "Cherry BonBon" banger in that track list!


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