Music video: Justin Timberlake featuring Jay-Zzz - Suit & tie

When I first saw the lyric video for "Suit & tie" I was mighty impressed, because it went above and beyond what I'd seen other artists do for a lyric video prior (i.e use Word art in Microsoft Word). It was pretty much a music video in itself. Justin shot himself in the foot with it from the start, because it's better than the actual music video. In his defence, his lyric video is better than most people's music videos.

 "Suit & tie" is dead to me now. The song doesn't have the longevity of "Like I love you", nor "SexyBack". History shows that it's always Justin's second single which does a clean sweep of winning folks over. As hot as "Like I love you" was, it was only once "Cry me a river" dropped that everybody had to just admit that the boy had not copped a fluke and that he had dropped one of 2002's best songs. And it wasn't until Justin released "My love" that people took seats and were made to flush throw their haterade out of their passenger car window.

I also wonder how Janelle Monáe feels that Justin is outright jacking her swagger now. She may actually need to put on some skinny jeans or a mini skirt and pop her throwback pussy in a new lane now.

If you are as bored of this song as I am, but are itching for a Justin Timberlake fix, check out his song "Mirrors" which is everything this "Suit & tie" crap should have been. Or check out Julio Bashmore's remix of "Suit & tie", which gives the song a whole new twist (i.e makes it hot and decent).


  1. Janelle Monae?

    I wonder how Robin Thicke feels.

    JT bit his swag off hard this era lol.

  2. Janelle Monae remainds untouched, bro. She´s more into retro-futuristic stuff than this poor JT effort. Her ArchAndroid is a masterpiece, and she will release an album soon, so..

  3. it's defense not defence....spell check is free bro


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