Music video: Mariah Carey - Almost home

The continuity in this video was as much as a mess as Mariah's vocals. The jacket was on the floor to the left, then she was wearing it. Then the jacket was on the floor to the right, then she was wearing it. Then Mariah's shoe was on the floor, then she was wearing it. Was David Chappelle even paying attention when this shit was being edited!?

I have no love for this song and Mariah was dead to me in this video, but Oz: The great and powerful looks good. It made me want to go and book me a ticket. I find it crazy how adaptations and re-tellings of fairy tales and children's stories are the latest trends in Hollywood at the moment. Never saw this one coming, despite it only being a stone's throw away from live action adaptations of comic books. And Sam Raimi is definitely getting paid having ridden the waves of both. He is ballin' on that Spider-Man and Disney money.

I would let Rachel Weisz lock me up and put dat magic on my body. I was so mad when she was replaced in The Mummy: Tomb of the dragon emperor.


  1. I like the song though, but the video is very very painful to watch, it's better if there was no Mimi at all in the video, she looks terrible and inspite of the glamorous jewelry she's wearing, she looks damn cheap, her movement is very verily lazy,
    before the video was released I imagined that it would be Mimi singing atop Neuschwanstein Castle in full color and many shots of villager with their own activities, and . . . hot air baloon flying, but we only got monochrome Mimi with fake to hell expression,

  2. Did Rachel get replaced or did she choose not to return to The Mummy?

  3. Whitney would of sang it better... -Vynse

  4. Up until 2:11 wen the beat hit I couldn't care less bout where we're almost is .. The video makes the song dead, but I saw oz the other day and after seeing the movie the song makes sence.


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