Perfume perform "Mirai no museum". Look on point, sound like bum holes.

Perfume perform "Mirai no museum". Shit's so old and dead that even the museum ain't about it |

Perfume are pimping "Mirai no museum" like some mother fuckers and are upsetting me. After months of nothing in which A-Chan visited London, Nocchi sat alone on a park bench at the Ghibli museum every Wednesday and Kashiyuka sat at home brushing her hair, they come back with this bullshit single and then hit up TV stations looking like sexy Sherlock bitches, but dancing some pantomime, elementary ass looking routine. I am not about this. Give me back the girls who were hop-scotching in heels and tube light dresses with wires hanging out of their backs. I miss them dearly.

This song sucks. And as much as I enjoyed watching A-Chan's facial expressions, Nocchi get down on her knees and Kashiyuka try to dance a routine in that tight mini skirt, the song still sucks.


  1. I'ma pretend that this single never happened. They need to go back into hiding, and not come back until they're ready to come correct.

  2. GIVE ME ALL YOUR YEN NOW1 March 2013 at 03:42

    They probably got a big pay-check for singing a Doraemon song than releasing hot electropop tunes.

    Cuz Doraemon makes more money than any ho.

  3. Astrometric Measures1 March 2013 at 04:29

    Hahahaha I love these posts.

    Anyjew, yeah, the song blew, but then I saw the dance and then it kinda grew on HARDCORE on me that same day... But they Daijobanai came out. OOo child, lemme tell ya this, hyunnee; Perfume best come back wit dey technopop shiznit befo' I smack the taste out someone's mouf, 'kuz they technopop sound is BANGIN', yet they've abandoned it recently for whatever silly reason *cough* Kyrary bullshit and -yawn- JPN *cough*. Oh well. I hope they come back soon! Btw, the remix potential on Daijobanai is greater than the amount of tossed salads in a vegan prison. Cheers^^

  4. Yay, I remain the sole fan of this song!

  5. Daijobanai will make up for this! I can hear them snorting those lines of cocaine now!

    Is everybody forgetting that this is a childs song for a childs movie? OF COURSE ITS GONNA HAVE CHILD LEVEL CHOREOGRAPHY!

    They're just diversifying their audience, it's not a bad thing in my view.

    Shoulda added Doraemon's image to the single cover though; MARKETING GUYS CUMON ITS OBVIOUS.

    1. *Cum on.

      Fixed it for you.

    2. *Come on.

      Fixed it for both of you.

    3. They're just doing the shit the label wants them to do. These robohoes want money, the label wants money, doraemon gives them money.

      So yeah... these basic tramps will do anyting for money, they don't have shame... i mean they are robohoes.

  6. I enjoyed some of the Choreography, but what a stain this song is on their Discography.

    I was about to liken this song to what "Boku wa Kuma" is to Utada's discography, but this song could never.

  7. I can barely stand the instrumental of this song, let alone the normal ver. Daijobanai is the shit though.

  8. This is way too childish song in my opinion but I agree with David.

    However... I'm waiting for a Daijobanai dance routine. I want to see perfume dancing like crazy to Daijobanai as soon as possible

    At first I loved Daijobanai, then I found it too repetitive, now it has grown on me and I love it again. Tomorrow who knows..

  9. I absolutely agree with this, I read the first sentence only... but it was true enough for my to pop this blog on my favs.

    Keep up the good posts, I'll be stayin a while if you do!


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