Happy 27th Birthday Crystal Kay!!

Crystal Kay celebrated her 27th birthday on February 26! O-tanjoubi!!! Crystal Instagrammed a picture of her birthday cake, which featured as many candles as copies she'd sold of her last studio album Vivid.

Happy 27th Birthday CK!! | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

That's real nice.

Crystal is keeping herself busy with the Dance earth gig, a digital single "My heart beat" which is available to purchase on iTunes and features in thermo-flash commercials (which will probably only air on some ghetto cable channel that nobody in Japanese watches) and its B-side "Kaze no kanata" which is doing the rounds in a train commercial. Crystal's manager needs to upgrade their contacts rolodex and get home girl a contract with Subaru, Nintendo or Uniqlo. Even a Pachinko parlour would be an upgrade from a thermo-flask and the Shimakaze express. Errrbody rides the train in Japan, but ain't nobody trying to hear a song in a TV commercial about it. Especially not from a chick who is darker than the hexadecimal value of FFF99 and not a gyaru.

I still love CK dearly though and am glad that she's staying active and not even giving me a chance to want something new from her. Bitch has lost time to make up for from her time at Sony.

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  1. That flimsy arse cake with pu$$y on top.

    *That Awkward Moment When You Know What They Are Wishing For!*


  2. Kuri has an indominable spirit. Happy birthday to my girl CK.


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