Beyoncé performs "Grown woman" in Paris. Grabs wigs and throws them to Africa.

Beyoncé pops her pussy on a beach for H&M. Previews another new song, "Standing on the sun".

Pepsiyoncé kicks off The Mrs. Carter show world tour, with no acknowledgement of a new album.

Crystal Kay becomes the new face of Crysta Nagahori. Nobody cares.

Listen to... Daft Punk featuring Pharrell William - Get lucky

Album review: Justin Timberlake - The 20/20 experience

Ayaka throws down the Engrish gauntlet at Namie. Wins by default of actually being able to sing.

Daft Punk "Get lucky" with their upcoming album Random access memories

Perfume to release a new single "Magic of love" on May 22nd.

Ayu brings out the good weave for her first Bistro SMAP appearance in 11 years

Ummm...Internet? Dis ain't the "Grown woman" video...

Music video: Jessie Ware - Imagine it was us

Music video: Beni - Satsuki ame

Pamyu Pamyu's "Invader Invader" features in a TV commercial, complete with Pussy Pamyu on a flying saucer

Sooyoung risks her life for another Girls' generation music video, "Beep beep".

Beyoncé previews new song "Grown woman" in her Pepsi pimpin' commercial

MiChi to release a new digital single, "Starting over".

Back from the land of the neon lights and musical trains