Ayaka throws down the Engrish gauntlet at Namie. Wins by default of actually being able to sing.

Ayaka throws down the Engrish gauntlet at Namie. Wins by default of actually being able to sing | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Ayaka is weak and a bit frail because of her Graves' disease, but do not get it twisted. She stays on her grind and will snatch a weave piece from her hospital bed. Namie can have a number 1 album by sitting at home and doing nothing, and guess what...so can Ayaka. Home girl went number 1 with an album whilst she was sat at home at her kotatsu easting udon and watching SMAP Bistro and she didn't have the power of Avex to help her neither. Bitches had better put on their best nails and bring out the fighting weave.

Ayaka recently did a mini set of acoustic studio performances. One of which was an English version of "Hajimari no toki" from her third studio album The beginning and another which was a cover of Faith Hill's "There you'll be", which featured backing vocals from a fat black woman. You know a chick is serious when the fat black backing singer comes out.

Hajimari no toki (English version)

There you'll be

Namie had better wrap her shit in a bun and put on a shower cap, because Ayaka is on that Engrish swag too and she can hit notes. I'd love for her to perform an acoustic cover of "Only you" and "Beautiful". Just to keep Namie on her toes and remind her what REAL vocals sound like.

I love Ayaka's live vocals. To the point where every time I listen to her studio albums, I feel a need to hear a live rendition. The tone, range and power this woman has just doesn't come through on her studio recordings the way in which they do when she performs live. So I hope she makes these intimate acoustic sessions a regular thing or that she releases an acoustic album.

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  1. Also, Ayaka's engrish is a A LOT BETTER. I can actually understand what the fuck she's singing for the most part. Also, I find Ayaka's engrish cute and endearing, not cringe worthy like Ayu's, or hilarious like Namie's.

  2. Her albums and singles may be selling half of what they were before she went rogue but I bet now that she's free from Japans standard 0.0000000000000001% royalty rate she must be seeing five times the profit.

    Good on the bitch for being able to sell on her own and outsing most other bitches.

  3. Is it just me or does she remind you of Hikaru too?

    1. She does look like her a little bit, but I don't think they're all that similar musically.

    2. Lol nobody could ever though.

  4. Oh gosh! I have goosebumps! Ayaka...

    If she secretly puts out an English album the same time as Crystal Kay... I will be broke trying to by both of them!

    She needs an English album asap.


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