Ayaka sings the shit out of "Tsuyoku omou" live

Ayaka sings the shit out of "Tsuyoku omou" live | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

I had compared Ayaka to Hikaru Utada back when she first debuted. Not musically, but artistically in that she doesn't follow trends, is vocally raw, writes her own material and puts her heart into her music. But aurally and visually Ayaka gave me Hikaru vibes with this performance of "Tsuyoku omou" on her 2012 live tour.

This song is very different to anything Ayaka had done before, sounding like a cross between Hikaru's "Prisoner of love" and "Colors". And with the whole short hair and red flowing outfit, this could have been a scene from the Utada United. Not a diss. Not even a compliment. Just an observation. I love both these bitches.

Ayaka's vocals never cease to amaze me. The clarity in her vocals gives me chills and you would think that the little trampy haired chick would be able to hit the notes she does and give such power. Even when Ayaka is fighting a disease and her immune system is f**king up, she is still pushing bitches down into seats telepathically.

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  1. WHY have I been sleeping on Ayaka for a while now??? When she came out I was into her and then just forgot about her I guess. It's great that she's still doing well because she's one of the few females who can actually sing (that I know of) in J-Pop and since that country is being overrun by armies of identical schoolgirls with shit music while Queen's are brought low..... I'm waiting for Ayu to go all Charlize Theron as Ravenna on them hoes any day now.

    Anyway, this was a good song and I'm gonna try and get back into some Ayaka! thanks for the reminder J.

  2. Well that performance was flawless, just what to expect from Ayaka.

  3. Hikki has something about her that makes her accessible and gives her an aura of a performing goddess.

    What I don't see in Ayaka is the second part. She's very accessible but she doesn't have a whole bunch of star quality.

    But damn girl can sing.

    She comes a close second for me right after Hikki in best performers of Japan.

    In terms of this tour, I wish they had made the stage a little more interesting, but that isn't her fault.

  4. what star quality are you talking about i have to say i use to be a fan of utada hikaru but her music now is nowhere as good as it use to be,'for me ayaka is defimetely better and has a much soothing voice

  5. If you're just talking about voice, then Ayaka beats Utada hands down. Utada's voice is so shaky and out of breath, even though she has good pitch control. Ayaka's voice is clear and just mind-blowing.


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