Sooyoung risks her life for another Girls' generation music video, "Beep beep".

SM entertainment have released a short version of a music video that Sing Now No Dinner had shot to their "Flower power" B-side "Beep beep". It features sickening amounts of pink, hints of the horrid styling from "I got a boy" and outfits which look like they were snatched off of a girl working the red light district window in Cheongnyangni. Of course, Sunny looks classy and fills the outfit out nicely. The others look like cheap bits of rubbish.

"Beep beep" is a much better song than "Flower power" and the whole of Girls & peace. I don't get why any sane person at a record label would pick "Flower power" over this hot slice of 80's Madonna crack as an A-side. But making bad decisions regarding singles has become somewhat of an art form at SM entertainment as of late.

Sooyoung seriously needs to eat some food, because I could but barely see her legs in this video. I've got iPod charger cables with a larger circumference than her legs.


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