Ummm...Internet? Dis ain't the "Grown woman" video...

The Amazonion empress from Pepsi world (formerly the kingdom of lost wigs and lost songwriting credits) is kicking the "Grown woman" promo train into a new gear. With her "Mirrors" commercial now airing on TV worldwide (I've seen that shit on TV plenty of times, albeit in a horrendously edited down form which kills the entire concept) now comes a 'behind the scenes video' which features another 15 second segment of the song.

Everywhere is citing this as behind the scenes footage of the music video, but it looks like behind the scenes footage of Pepsiyoncé's Pepsi photoshoots. And the rehearsal footage would have served for the benefit of the Pepsi "Mirrors" commercial as well as the music video. So I wonder how valid the claims are. If Beyoncé does end up popping her pussy around a shopping cart full of Pepsi 6 packs and a Pepsi bracelet, then that shit is of a level of tackiness I didn't even Pepsiyoncé would stoop to. Queen P had better take n***a's back to Africa and get LOW with the "Grown woman" music video.


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