Random J Mix: Beyoncé - Virgo’s Groove (Random J Mix)

A post header image, featuring the interface of audio editing software, and an image of the cover artwork for my mix of Beyoncé’s “Virgo’s Groove”.

My favourite song on Renaissance is “Virgo’s Groove”. There was no deliberating this. And whilst I was unsure of Renaissance when I first listened to it, one thing I was sure about was that “Virgo’s Groove” was not only one of the best songs on the album, one of the best songs Beyoncé had ever recorded.

It is sublime from start to finish.

In fact, it is sublime from before start to finish.

Renaissance has become famed for it’s transitions, and one of the best on the album is “Plastic Off the Sofa” into “Virgo’s Groove”. Unlike some of the other songs where we may get an element of the next song added to the end of a song: i.e the pitched down ‘Unique!’ at the end of “Cozy”, Big Freedia’s vocals at the end of “Energy” - the transition into “Virgo’s Groove” is different, because the song pretty much starts at the end of “Plastic Off the Sofa”. I can’t listen to “Virgo’s Groove without it. So I made an edit which includes it as part of the song.

I added a lil’ outro took as the ending is abrupt as hell. Even if you’re listening to Renaissance in order, the way “Move” comes in as cold as hell.

I am pressed that Beyoncé cut “Virgo’s Groove” short on her Renaissance World Tour, but that’s a whole other post. But at least she did include the transition and dragged it out. The transition was actually long than the performance of “Plastic Off the Sofa”.