Pamyu Pamyu's "Invader Invader" features in a TV commercial, complete with Pussy Pamyu on a flying saucer

Fresh after being pimped by au KDDI, Japanese clothing retailer GU are making a bitch work for those cheques by snagging a new song of hers and the lady herself for their latest TV commercial. "Invader Invader" continues on with Pamyu and GU's mythical creature concept; this time going intergalactic, from the dungeons and haunted houses of "Fashion monster".

The song sounds good, but I'll reserve judgement until I hear it in full. I hated "Fashion monster" when I'd only heard the hook in the TV commercial, but loved it once I'd heard the verses and the way in which Nakata tricked that song out like fuck.

Pamyu Pamyu is EVERYWHERE in Japan. This girl isn't only in every GU store window (and GU stores are on every damn street) but she's the face of Big echo (one of Japan's biggest karaoke house chains), ice cream, soft drinks, those giant photo booths in arcades which make Japanese girls look like anime white girls - so it stuns me that she only manages to scrape by with sales. Perhaps Japan find her annoying. It's not hard to understand why. But I can not deny that I have been into more of Pamyu's singles as of late than Perfumes and I never thought for a second it would go down like that.


  1. The bitch wouldn't be plastered all over Japan on everything from toilets to adidas if Japan didn't like her.

    I think maybe they just don't like the music; it is a little cutesy and while fine and dandy for commercials I don't think anybody wants an iphone/ipod full of KPP music. It crosses a boundary that Nakata doesn't cross with Perfume, it's just not as commercial.

    But what she doesn't make in sales she sure as hell makes in promoting the shit out of everything.


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