Back from the land of the neon lights and musical trains

Hello skanks!!

I am now back from Japan and I am now in a state of depression. 8 days into the holiday and I felt as though I was ready to return home. But once I did return home I immediately began to miss Japan. Because coming back was the realization that I had to live my life again.

Found this duck in a shop window in Osaka. It pretty much sums up how I feel about everything in life.
When you go to Japan for a holiday it's like a different world. Whenever people ask me what Japan is like and why I've been there more than once, I can never explain it well enough to sell it. I don't even bother trying. Japan is a place you either want to go, or you don't. And most people in the West who do choose to go usually have an affinity for something which originates from there; whether it be video games, anime, J-Pop, the culture as a whole or the history of the country itself.

Over the past 2 weeks I have been blinded by the neon lights of Akihabara, been twerked on in a grime infested hole in the wall in Osaka, seen a real life cat bus, ridden the Cosmo clock in Yokohama (that giant Ferris wheel at the start of Crystal's "Delicious na kinyoubi" video), danced in a circle with crazed gaijin loving locals in Shibuya, met HachikĊ, got hit on by a Japanese guy, spent half my wages on vending machines, got dragged to an AKB48 performance (do not fucking ask), protested against any of my friends trying Pocari sweat; and this barely but scratches the surface of what I got up to.

I am now emotional. So I'm going to go and sit in my bath tub and cly.

I will continue to prolong my memories of the never land that is Japan and immortalize them in blog posts over at my personal blog. So those who want the skinny on exactly what I got up to, or just want to gander at my pictures, keeping checking there over the next few weeks / months.


  1. I'm so sorry you're not feeling good, but just imagine next year. Maybe thinking/planning your next trip can brighten your mood, or thinking of how jealous/envious we are of you can lighten your spirits.

    You're probably the only person I know that gets homesickness at home. I guess home really is where the heart is, and I think your heart missed its flight and is lost in Japan. ;)

  2. Hello J! I've been waiting for your return to your blog, because I missed your reviews and I was curious how your trip to Japan went... You had wonderful time, be happy about that ;) You escaped the mundane reality for at least a couple of days! I can't afford any vacation right now, so I'm so jealous ;) Share some exciting photos and experiences from your trip! And tell us - did you do any Ayu shading, as you planned? :D Take care!

  3. cly cly cly cly big boys cly :-D


  5. Oh maaaan. I thought you'd have stories of running into Hikki somewhere in a secluded ramen shop!


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