Ayu brings out the good weave for her first Bistro SMAP appearance in 11 years

Ayu brings out the good weave for her first Bistro SMAP appearance in 11 years | randomjpop.blogspot.co.uk

Ayu appeared on the popular celebrity guest TV show Bistro SMAP for the first time in 11 years. It's a rite of passage in J-Pop that once you've been in the game for 10 years, you can pretty much avoid television. Although given Ayu's recent sales, she may want to have her management team book the shit out of NTV and TBC's time slots. It's probably the reason why she agreed to the Bistro SMAP appearance in the first place. Ain't nothing help boost some sales and awareness like an appearance on a Johnny's variety show. The actual truth is that Ayu can't afford to eat as a result of her slumping albums sales, so she had her people put her on a show which offered free food. A girl gotsta eat.

I can't stand SMAP. You quickly get sick of their faces when you are in Japan, because the guys are on more posters and billboards than AKB48. But I do like this show, as it's always light hearted, and nothing gets people to open up like a chin-wag over a good plate of food.

Ayu brought out the good weave, the mouth splitting veneers and had her cosmetic doctor homie shoot some fresh botox into her face for this appearance, so homegirl definitely means business. Ayu's singing goes through me like a crossbow, but she is nice and humble in interviews; especially when she's in the company of those she's been around before. Ayu and SMAP are pretty much best flends.

Meanwhile Namie has no intention of appearing on TV at all. She can do wha' she want, she do what she like. Keep sillin' at home till Ayumi cly.

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  1. I hope each and every member of SMAP dies in a horrible fugu fish cooking accident, along with old Johnny himself. That's basically it; Ayu looked great.

  2. You'd wonder why they don't make Ayu look this good all the time. I really don't understand her styling team. Those bad weaves need to be ritually burned.

    In the end I love her though. But she doesn't have to make more music for me. She should have taken a rest years ago. If she had done that I would have been happy for her return.

  3. disqus_fEvKpL1JbS23 April 2013 at 04:44

    i havent even paid attention to her releases since rock n roll circus. everything has been blaaaaah since then


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