Beyoncé performs "Grown woman" in Paris. Grabs wigs and throws them to Africa.

Beyoncé performs "Grown woman". Grabs wigs and throws them to Africa |

Paris concert goers got lucky, as Pepsiyoncé treated them to her debut performance of her new jam "Grown woman", dropping Nigerian dance steps that she probably saw in some YouTube video and miming like she was giving a throwback to Obama's inauguration.

Pepsiyoncé pretty much took the island segment of Rihanna's Loud tour and shitted right in the middle of it. "Grown woman" yoinks by the wig and throws bitches back to Africa. It's so danceable that resistance is futile against it. Africoncé needs to just drop this as a single and stop wasting everybodies time. She could even save herself a music video budget by using the unreleased "Put it in a love song" video, cutting out the scenes with Alicia Keys and running "Grown woman" over the top.

Those who went to see Beyoncé in Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia weren't so in love with this performance though. All of whom went mad and blew up on Twitter that she denied them a performance of the song. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Don't think Pepsiyoncé won't shit on Paris by treating London to a performance of "Standing on the sun". And before London gets comfortable, bring out the plastic cagoules, because Beyoncé will go IN with the new album material during her North American leg from June to August

I need "Grown woman" to leak in full RIGHT NAOW! And I hope that breakdown at the end is part of the album version too, because I'd gets down like my ancestors to that shit. Timbaland is that n***a right now.

Every man gon' be a grown woman the whole time he's listening to this song.


  1. Song Sucks Frankly.

    Not Single Worthy and will flop.

  2. starlightshimmers27 April 2013 at 16:11

    For once I want Beyoncé's shitty songs to actually flop. Gurl needs a reality check, she's 10 years overdue for a flop. Girls Run The World flopped, didn't it?

  3. when this video dropped, i swear to you that i did NOT go to sleep because i spent all night dancing. ALL NIGHT! Bey gave life with this and i received it! consigning on that leak statement too - Bey probably keeps all them singles in a hard drive beneath that wig, ain't nobody getting access!

  4. I need this song to dance to in complete blackface at the zoo surrounded by safari animals with a jug of water on my head.

    I love it and there is zero way she's not singing live; she pulls the microphone away from her face too often and that's one risky move if she's actually miming this shit because ain't nobody gonna come to her defense like they did for the obama thing if it happens again.

  5. I want the song, seriously! I never actually wanted to hear a Bey song as much as this song.

  6. She pulls the mic from her face. So what? It makes the act of miming more convincing. If you know the backing track inside out, it's not an issue. Brandy does this all the time and she's a masterclass mimer.

    I've watched several different performances of this song from her gigs and Beyoncé hits EVERY note exactly the same, save for the odd ad lib or line here or there. Beyoncé is miming most of the song.

    Beyoncé has mimed multiple times over the course of her career, she's just incredibly slick / convincing with how she does it to the point where you never really question it. I've never watched any performances of hers as much as I've been on these "Grown woman" ones, so it's never been something I've been able to point out for myself. But in my opinion, she's definitely miming in these "Grown woman" performances.

  7. LOL I tried telling someone on another blog that she was miming and the bey stans came straight for my wig calling me an anti, and saying that I can't give credit where it's due and all that good stan B.S. Honestly, I wish Brandy wouldn't mime because it makes me lose respect for her as a performer. She needs to save that shit for the frauds like Beyawnce.

  8. I feel like I am one of the few people who enjoy Beyonce. I really want the full version of this song so I can dance to this.


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