Music video: Beni - Satsuki ame

Before I go into what I think about "Satsuki ame" and why I think Beni is a lazy ho despite touring like her life depends on it (which it does) and releasing albums constantly, I want to share 3 things which immediately came to mind as I listened to this song and watched the music video.
  1. I'm sick of Beni's studio voice . It sounds thin, dead and void of emotion.
  2. Ayaka would have sung the absolute shit out of this and made Beni and her whole entire family take a seat like somebody just died.
  3. Beni is trying to reach for Kumi's Japonesque wig.

"Satsuki ame" is a nice song with a nice video, but the song sounds like something which should be released during Winter or Autumn and the video evokes the same feeling. I hope for Beni's sake this song does well, but I wonder if Japan will care for a song this slow and this sombre at a time when the sun is shining and everybody is getting pissed outside on pieces of tarpaulin in parks under the cherry blossoms.

Beni has become far too comfortable with ballads following on from Covers and Covers 2 and I'm sick and tired of it. She needs to pull a hard left and come with something different, because it's making her look lazy and she will soon see that Japan ain't got no time for a third album of this type of shit in a row. She may be shaming Crystal Kay in sales, but Crystal is dragging her ass across a pebble beach with her musical output. Although, she always has.

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  1. And here I go, beginning to get all excited about new Beni, and she delivers this snore-fest. She has never been my go-to for ballads, but she doesn't do a bad job at them, just a lackluster job at them. I'm hoping it does well in Japan, too (Japanese eat up ballads from solo singers, while devouring super-happy-fun-time-speedster-bops from groups). Oh, here's hoping...


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