Daft Punk "Get lucky" with their upcoming album Random access memories

Daft Punk will be releasing their long awaited follow up to 2005's Human after all in May and they have the Internet ablaze in excitement and anticipation for their 13 track master class in Euro dance, funk and pinpoint production which your fave could never. Random access memories will be released worldwide; with the album touching down in Australia first on May 17th, the UK on May 20th and finally the US on May 21st. This marks Daft Punk's first release via Columbia records, after signing with label at the start of the year.

Daft Punk have released a teaser of the lead / promotional single "Get lucky" which features Pharrell Williams and the music legend that is Nile Rodgers. The song is FUNK OVERLOAD and if it featured even a smidgen more of the stuff, it would have to come with a disclaimer.

I want me one of those jackets. I hit up ebay to find one, but could only find a women's jacket, which I think I can get away with if I go for the bigger size, roll up the sleeves and don't do it up.

Daft Punk's last studio album Human after all was mauled by critics, citing it as rushed and paling in comparison to their previous works. But all signs thus far are pointing towards this album being a return to form. I'm excited as fuck for this album.

Check out randomaccessmemories.com for the latest on their upcoming release and to watch video interviews with the featured collaborators who contributed to the album; each of whom talk in depth about their musical history, how they became part of the project and what it was like to work with the enigmatic French duo.


  1. ooooo! I like that. It sounds old yet new, if you know what I mean. I've heard of them but I've never checked out their music.

  2. ^Gurl whatchu waitin' for

  3. so excited about time they came back

  4. Is DaftPunk the FasterStrongerBiggerLonger people?

    Because that name looks familiar.

    Anyone when I heard the clip above and how throwback it was, I was instantly turned off. I don't like this kind of music and I don't like Pharell.

    Then by the end of the clip I had to play it again because I heard a piece I thought I liked.

    Crap, I like it. And I don't want to because I don't like this kind of music.

  5. Daft Punk back is like the comeback of Jesus and his daddy! I swear, I needed them back three years ago when music was starting to become crap! Thank Daft Punk they're back! And with Pharrell and Niles!? When this album comes out, I'm just going to flat out die happy by the end of it.

  6. This shit (referring to the MV) is like Namie's 'What a feeling' meets The Mighty Boosh.

    The song is funktastic and I can't fucking wait.

    I can't decide whether I like Pharell's voice and face though.

  7. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger is the song's name.

    You should try out their 1993 album, Homework. Those are the best of Daft Punk.


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